The IBSEN 1st Quarterly Newsletter is live

This 1st Quarterly Newsletter introduces the work of the International Biological Security Education Network (IBSEN) and the IBSEN’s team at the London Metropolitan University and around the world. It explores the current advances in biosecurity education, how IBSEN will raise awareness of these risks and develop adequate biosecurity education material. The main article analyses the … Read more

Prof Lijun Shang receives a grant from the British Academy

Professor Lijun Shang has been awarded a grant from the British Academy (BA) for his work to address biosecurity education in the agribusiness sector. Professor Shang highlights that “This grant will enable my centre to prepare a sustainable grant with European colleagues and extend our recent work on developing an international biological security education network. … Read more

Presentation at the ABEO OPCW

During the 16th Session of the Advisory Board for Education and Outreach (ABEO) of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Professor Lijun Shang and Professor Malcolm Dando presented the achievements of the BSRC in biosecurity education and what could be learnt from the ABEO’s work in the chemical field. … Read more

Policy Workshop ‘Toward a collaborative, collective and integrative international CBRN security education: Coordination of International Policy Initiatives on Biosecurity Education Policy Workshop’ – 16 March 2024

Coordination of International Policy Initiatives on Biological Security Education – Professor Lijun Shang, Biological Security Research Centre, London Metropolitan University Biosecurity Education Resources: Present, Past, Futures? – Professor Malcolm Dando, Bradford University and London Metropolitan University Biological Security Education as Team-Based-Learning (TBL): Servicing the Urgent need for Biological Security Education globally – Dr Simon Whitby, … Read more


The International Biological Security Education Network (IBSEN) was created in 2024 with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The aim of the IBSEN is to raise awareness of the risks of scientific research with dual-use implications and the necessity of biosecurity education.